LEIMAY: Qualia – Gardens

Qualia –Gardens brings together company dancers, local artists, and members of LEIMAY’s community class to explore the garden space as a place of constant regeneration, rebirth and contemplation. We invite you to take a stroll through the garden stone path traced with dozens of strings using tension and suspension to stimulate your personal sense of perception.  This art installation is open to the public from July 15th to August 13th.  Performances will take place within the installation August 1st at 7pm, and August 9th at 4pm. Direction, Choreography, and Installation: Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya

Additional Choreography: Andrea Jones and Georgia Johnson

Performers: Janine Cunningham, G.J. Dowding, Ximena Garnica, Laura Hunt, Georgia Johnson, Andrea Jones, Chris Lunney, Anna Platt, Billy Poortan, Phyllis Ma,  Allison Mikulewich, Nina Mushinsky, Jose Rivera Jr, Aya Satoh, Alfredo Tauste, Montserrat Vergas, Melissa Yamamoto, and Raul Zbengheci

Composers: Jeremy D. Slater

August 2014
Gil Hodges Memorial Garden
Role: Performer