STREB began in 1985 with Elizabeth Streb’s stubborn investigation of Action, ranging from everyday movements to the Extreme Action of sports, the circus and thrill rides; the impulse to action that is in our souls. Since then the company has evolved into a world class entertainment phenomenon that remains true to its scientific and populist roots. STREB invents action ideas that are daring, yet understandable, that soar past our critical senses and land in our hearts. Now, in FORCES, Streb bands together with a whole new cadre of theater specialists to create a show based on all the questions STREB has historically asked; questions that are Newtonian in nature and that veer into quantum mechanical impossible zones. Streb is on a quest to present her newest action events with a clear theatrical trajectory. If Action were drama, what is it’s true story? What makes Action tick? Bowling balls fall, a floor rapidly turns to create turbulence, a 25 foot square wall is occupied by counterweighted performers.

The artists and collaborators involved in the creation of FORCES, all recognized as being at the forefront of their fields, are joined by their passion to rethink the interface between people, technology, and society. FORCES is the story of Action, it is the journey to harness the invisible forces, it is the quest to mount a machine and learn it’s tricks.

Role in this Project: Video Engineer

Dates: March 16th – April 27th, 2014 and July 12th – July 28th, 2015




Forces 3