Alicia Hall Moran: Breaking Ice, The Battle of the Carmens

January 11th and 14th, 2018

Commissioned by PROTOTYPE Festival 2018

Alicia Hall Moran presents Breaking Ice: The Battle of the Carmens, a new vocal work for an ice skating audience, featuring Ice Theatre of New York. The piece draws on inspiration from the artist’s childhood as a figure skater, notions of cultural competition, and the historic 1988 Winter Olympics, when two leading figure skaters independently chose to skate to Bizet’s CarmenBreaking Ice takes place on a public ice skating rink and uses competitive skating as a frame for exploring the feeling of otherness and the discords of holding more than one single cultural identity.

The piece is part of Out of Bounds, a series of short, free performances of new works in public spaces. Out of Bounds 2018 will features the work of two composer-musicians working across diverse vocal practices: Tori Wrånes and Alicia Hall Moran. Out of Bounds 2018 is a platform for new vocal performance pieces taking place in unlikely locations throughout New York. Through the works, public sites will become temporary spaces of contact, exchange, and refreshed social dynamics. Out of Bounds 2018 was curated by Raul Zbengheci.

Images courtesy of PROTOTYPE Festival, Charles Roussel

Curated by Raul Zbengheci
Artist, Performer: Alicia Hall Moran
Taiko Drums: Kaoru Watanabe
Saxophone: Maria Grand
Ice Dancers: Ice Theatre of New York
Production: Drew Weinstein, Hilarie Spangler, Halla Thora Tryggvadottir