LEIMAY: In Illo Tempore Vignettes

Brooklyn-based artists Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya are commissioned for the third year in a row by The New York Restoration Project, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and The Bronx Museum of Arts to create a month-long installation and three performances with the LEIMAY Ensemble and local community artists. Composer Jeremy Slater will return to create an original score for the performance.

In Illo Tempore Vignettes is a performance of bodies suspended in time, revealing the echoes of memory, alienation, and exile. The performers parade through relentless streams of invisible stimuli in a voyage between presence and absence. The piece addresses the innumerable stories of the exiled, the ones that are visible and the ones that take place in a vacuum.

Qualia – Umbel is an installation by New York based multidisciplinary artists Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya.  Qualia – Umbel is part of the artist’s Qualia Series.  

Qualia Series alters pre-existing spaces, structures or objects, primarily using dozens of white masonry strings to reveal the observer, the observed and the process of observation.  This practice invites the viewer to reconsider their seemingly ordinary surroundings and listen to a realm of perception that is unquantifiable, internal, and subjective.

In Qualia – Umbel, dozens of strings spread from a common center creating a blooming tension shooting across the garden grounds.

Installation open August 29-September 18
Performances on September 8, 10, 17, 7:30pm
Heckscher Foundation Children’s Garden
134-136 Scholes Street, Brooklyn

Role: Performer


Video Excerpts from previous commission by New York Restoration Project at Gil Hodges Community Garden: