Jesper Just: In the shadow of a spectacle is the view of the crowd

Staged within the top floors of the 225 Liberty Building adjacent to One World Trade Center, the performance acknowledges the social significance of its surroundings and the cultural narratives that transform simple objects and events into radicalized, powerful, and symbolic representations beyond their original significance. Just and FOS confront the idea of spectacle, exploring the spaces where reality gives way to representation.

Using architectural and performative elements, the piece unfolds a multilayered spectacle where crowd dynamics and psychology are closely considered, among the overlapping tension and opposition of presentation and representation.

Based on the structure of a symphony, the piece is divided into four movements—each one independent, yet relating to the others in a synthesized whole like an orchestra. A soundscape emerges during the spectacle, with the debut of an innovative instrument—equal parts invention and musical object—on which is performed a piece composed especially for its creation. Audio-visual elements and a live vocal performance as well contribute to the sonically lush landscape. From these four movements, the spectacle and its dynamics are deconstructed, gradually dismantled and rearranged, to create a new view within its pre-existing structure; a new spectacle within the negative space of the original.

225 Liberty Street, 44th Floor
November 2015
Role: Technical Director

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Art Alive Festival
March 2016
Role: Production Manager and Technical Director